At A1 Development, we prioritize results while planning, managing, and executing high-value development and construction projects with unparalleled efficiency.

We pride ourselves on making blueprints and mockups a reality, meeting and exceeding resident expectations with scrupulous attention to detail.

We build sleek, modern homes in prime locations. Every step of the way, we seek out opportunities to deliver a more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and convenient living experience for residents.

Upon completion, our highly sought-after communities provide pristine amenities that offer elevated living experiences. The results that we generate are a testament to our efficiency and commitment to quality.

Land Development
While running a streamlined zoning entitlement process, we develop land in highly desirable locations that are forecasted for continued future growth.

Throughout the process, we leverage our relationships with city planners and community officials to obtain approval while maintaining absolute compliance.

Our experienced managers transform blueprints into actualized communities while our in-house sales and marketing teams bring out the best in what we have to offer. Every step of the way, we seek out new and innovative ways to increase the value of our properties.
Our team of residential construction experts is well versed in every aspect of the community building process, offering in-house management expertise that spans every division.

By working hand-in-hand with our suppliers and contractors, we provide precise estimates, accurate timelines, and reliable project forecasts.

Each community that we build offers unmatched luxury to residents. Our goal is to build homes that feature a unique blend of architectural appeal with interior prestige. With comfort and convenience at the top of our priority list, our residents live in timeless style where every detail counts.
Our team
Meet the team responsible for an expansive and growing portfolio of quality real estate development projects.
Ramin Jalalpour


Reza Esmaeili


Amin Jalalpour


Baha Alaei

Director of Finance

Tim Keck

Director of Operations

Andrew Amaro

Director of Construction

Amir Afghan

Senior Architect

Kiarash Kiai

Sr. Development Manager

Gabriella Drummond

Project Manager

Naziha Ali


Kian kiaei

Project Coordinator

Mohammadreza Jalalpour

Project Manager